1. Force and deformation detectors

        Fairy World 2 Flying Sky Survey Activities Flying Fairy Masterpieces .


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          2. At present, 13 agents have been signed, and the information is hereby released.

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          The assembly, testing and packaging production lines of washing machines are well-known in the industry. Our company has professional team members who have been engaged in automation equipment for many years. Diversified mechanical and electrical engineers can provide complete solutions, design and development of engineering projects; professional project management personnel , can guarantee the time of the project, ….

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          The hoisting machinery products produced by our company have passed the national inspection and acceptance, and obtained the national special equipment manufacturing license, electric hoist single beam double beam crane production license, special equipment manufacturing safety license, crane installation, transformation, repair and maintenance. Certificate.

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          In response to the spirit of the directives of the party and state leaders on promoting the integration of military and civilian development, we must adhere to standardized operations and, under the guidance of relevant state policies, build bridges and ties between private enterprises and military users to help civilian enterprises explore the military products market. Economic construction and national defense modernization construction services.